Church Renovation Capital Campaign News

Campaign Prayer

O Lord, our God, all praise and glory be to You, from whom all blessings come.

We thank You for the gift of our church where we are blessed with the peace, hope and strength of your Presence.

We thank You for those who built our church and for the sacrifices they made which has blessed us throughout the years. May their example inspire us to do the same as we now plan and build for our future.

Through the intercession of Saint Ann, to whom we dedicate this campaign, may we face the challenges of our undertaking with courage, cooperation and generosity. Through her prayers, may You sanctify our efforts and make them a source of blessing for generations to come.

O Good Saint Ann, pray for us, that all our endeavors may be done with pure and generous hearts for the Honor of Our Lady and the glory of God.


Campaign Progress, January 2017

Renovation Presentation